The targeted auditorium of the forum is:

 Local trading companies looking to raise their profile and develop synergies with similar players in the region

• International trading institutions interested in creating new structures for their businesses, attracted by the services, incentives, stability and favorable logistic position offered by the Canton of Ticino

• Industrial companies reliant on commodities for their production cycle (producers, processors and end-users of non-ferrous metals and steel as well as food commodities), potentially interested in diversifying their supply chain

• Chambers of Commerce, Associations and Consulates of various European and non-European countries seeking new business opportunities for their members
• Service Providers for the commodity industry (shipping, logistics, financing, insurance, data providers, security, legal & fiscal advisors, accountancy, real estate services …)
• Money Managers, Technical & Fundamental Analysts and Financial Advisors with an interest in Commodities, seeking to gain an in-depth understanding of commodity market drivers and the outlook for the sector