Arkadia Digital advisory

ottobre 15, 2021 12:34 pm

Arkadia Digital Advisory is composed of a team of people specialized in consulting and management of investments in crypto assets and in setup of financial vehicles that have the purpose of investing in them.

The team has specialized skills and offers investment solutions declined in decorrelated strategies in different areas in the crypto field: from DeFi (staking and farming) to BOTs (automated trading algorithms), passing through derivatives (options and futures on Bitcoin and Ethereum) to Venture investments in the crypto world (before listing on the various Exchanges) up to Gaming strategies (such as Axie Infinity).

Arkadia Digital Advisory was created with the aim of acting as a “bridge” between classic finance and the Crypto world by helping and assisting the former to invest in the latter.

It manages both its own financial investment vehicles directly and also offers itself as an advisor for institutional third-party investments (family offices, asset managers, banks).