FinDating Geneva – 2016

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See you next year in June 2017!

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Companies attending 2016 FinDating edition

100 Women in Hedge Funds, 3ECARE, AAMIL (Swiss)SA, Abaq Immobilier Sa, Accuro, ACE, Acron Ag, Alphabet Asset Management, Alps Alpin, Alternative Alpha, Altitude, Amaris, Anassa Partners, Aon, Apc Group, Aquos Capital, Asset Management Iberia,, Banque Morval, Barreto & Partners, BCGE, Berr & Partners, BIB Partners LLC, Bloomberg News, Bluelakes, Blueorchard, Braddar Property, Bstoic, Bunzl, Bürgisser-Avocats, Business School Nicolas-Bouvier, Business Titans, Camberwellb Consulting, Citigroup, Cofco Agri, Compenswiss – Fonds de compensation AVS AI APG, Consult Assistance, Corner Trader, CSB Group, Deloitte Services Limited, DIAMINDS Strategic Advisory, Dukre AM SA, Elkho-Group, Equinoxe Investment SA, Evolids Finance Llc, Excelsia SA, Fiduciaire Idfis, Finanz Fund Services, Fingraphs, Finimmo, FinLantern, FJ Design, FLAG,  Forest Finance, Gadd & Cie, Gam, Gencom, Geneva Academic Center, Gentium Law Group, Global Way Corporation, Grydl , Hampton Trading Associates, HQ Solutions, IBC Insurance Broking and Consulting SA, ICBM, Ifore, Initio, Interconnected Knowledge & Systems, International Art Club Ltd, Investivity, Investment Adviser, IR Industry Rockstar, ISC, Julier Partners, Julius Baer, l’Agefi, Latingest, Locamis, Luxury Capital Partners, M&G Consulting Py, Mandarin Oriental, Mirabaud & Cie , Mirelis Advisors S.A., Money & Com SA, My Project, Natixis, NN IP, NRM, Opticrest S.A, Peak Partners SA, Pelichet NLC SA, Petercam, Point de Mire, Prima SA, Primexperts, Private Innovative Society, Private Wealth Management, Radiant Energy Company SA, Radio lora, Reaim, RHR SA, SCT Fine Art, Sergan Management, Sicpa, Siega Sa, Silacom, Silicon Peace, SL SA, Speedlab AG, Stash gmbh, Steven J Cohen CFA, Strategyk Oil Commodity SA, Suntrust, Sustainable Ethical Solutions, Swiss Mutual Trust SA, Swissexp SA, Swissquote, Swissural Crea Group, T. Rowe Price, The Emotional Investments Grou, The Red Pencil – humanitarian mission, Trustfield, Ttaurus Business Solution, Unctad, Union Bancaire Privée, URM Consulting, Valcourt SA, Valeco Finance, Verges & Co International Law Office, Vontobel Swiss Wealth Advisors SA, Voxia communication, WAAM Solutions SA, Walker, Winter/Estival Sensations Magazine