Diaman Tech

Diaman Tech is a company that operates in the financial technologies sector to provide software in support of its professionals. With the purpose of enabling professional investment decisions for better portfolio management and limiting financial market risks, DIAMAN Tech, studies, develops, produces, and distributes innovative software for the finance industry. In 2013, it obtained the requisites to become an innovative start-up, and in 2014 successfully completed Italy’s first Equity Crowdfunding operation under CONSOB law. DIAMAN Tech presently distributes two software applications: one for the selection of funds and/or Etf, and another for the choice of corporate bonds. The company’s software development principles are based on the concepts of elevated quality and product innovation, satisfying real customer needs, publishing proprietary content, and ensuring that the final sales prices of the Tools it develops remain competitive. These drivers have propelled the start-up into the financial platform industry and established its reputation in this niche market.