About us

FinLantern is the financial community organizing the Lugano Finance Forum.

FinLantern (www.FinLantern.com), headquartered in Lugano (Canton of Ticino, Switzerland), is a fast-growing  international network founded in 2009, with a database of 120,000+ financial professionals (Financial Analysts, Economists, Portfolio Managers, Corporate Finance Advisors, Traders …) from all over the world. The network aims to support its members’ activities and to increase their visibility in the international financial arena.

FinLantern has rapidly achieved a leading position in the organization of events in the Swiss financial sector, thanks to a specific database of 50,000 financial professionals based in Switzerland and Italy. Through a network of partners, FinLantern can organize road-shows, fairs, presentations, seminars and courses in Lugano, Geneva, Zurich, Milan, Paris, Montecarlo, Munich, Frankfurt, London, New York …


FinLantern also organizes:



The Info-MarketPlace for Asset Management


Quantitative & Asset Management Workshop

logo findating

the high-level Financial networking in Geneva



  A unique opportunity of matching between leading Asset Management firms with unique and innovative strategies
and a number of selected and qualified Fund Selectors, looking for new investment opportunities.


fiscal forum

 the forum focused on the opportunities stemming from Business Internationalization and Fiscal Issues & Advantages


LOGO_LCF_orizzontalethe forum  dedicated to commodity traders and investors