A unique networking opportunity

marzo 17, 2016 2:00 pm

Why in Canton Ticino:

  • The Canton of Ticino is the natural gateway from Central Europe and Switzerland towards Northern Italy, and vice versa.
  • Multi-cultural and multi-lingual environment, interacting easily with foreign entrepreneurs and businesses.
  • Characterized by stability, a favorable economic policy and an average per capita income at a medium-high level of the worldwide ranking.
  • The Canton of Ticino has developed a unique know-how in supporting investors and entrepreneurs in their investments / businesses, also from a fiscal point of view.
  • Lugano has become an acknowledged European center in the Tax Planning field with more than 250 Trust Companies which provide a wide range of services (internationalization support, tax planning, asset management, real estate administration, accounting & administration …) and characterized by a high standard of professionalism.

Why join the Forum:

  • Unique event for those who lives and works in Switzerland / North Italy
  • Participants will be able to attend the event upon a free registration
  • Free workshops held by skilled speakers on a great variety of fiscal subjetcs  able to satisfy a great number of different participants during the conferences and workshops
  • Possibility of meeting the most skilled international professionals in the fiscal sector in the exhibition area. They will be able to find the best solutions for investments and how to best work as a company in an international setting.
  • Deals with prestigious  hotels, restaurants, financial service providers, local newspapers and other media in order to offer discount prices to our exhibitors, sponsors and visitors. For further information, please contact us: events@Finlantern.com

Companies attending LIFF 2016:

Banca CIC (Suisse) SA, 3 Capital srl, A&F, AB Interservice SA, ABB, ABN AMRO LIFE, Advisio Holding SA, Aequitax SA, Aerre Finance, Agenda Invest AG, Agora Consulting, Aiaf, ALDEGHI,Allianz Bank Financial Advisors, Allianzbank, Alternative Alpha, Amfin SA, Anchorage Group Global, Antea Consulting, AP LEGAL SA, ARKAI GROUP SA, Azimut Consulenza, B.Generale, B4SC SAGL, Banca Arner SA, BANCA GENERALI SPA, Banca Mediolanum, Banque CIC (Suisse) SA, Banque Pictet & Cie, Benedetti , Bialetti Consulting, BNP Paribas, Bondonno Marco, Brambilla Advisory, BRAVO ADVISORY SA, Brinvest Ag, BSI SA, CAF Azzurro , CA-Indosuez Wealth Management, Class Editori, Claudio Spinazzè BCF, Cogesp SA, Colombo Fiduciaria SA, Consal Service SA, Consulfinance Network, Corriere del Ticino, CP-DL Leone & Partners S.A., CREBERG, Credit Suisse SA, Creval, CSS Assicurazione, Dalfina GMBH, DESTECO SA, Domus Wealth SA, dr. iur. Massimo Scaglioni LLM,  European Social Fund Course, F.B.L. srl, Fagua SA, Fidaurea SA, FIDEURAM, Fidinam SA, Fimar Srl, Finalco Sagl, FINFIT  SRL, FINPROMOTION, Gamma Capital Markets, Georgieff Capital Advisors , GFO SA, Giordano Consulting, GloboFin SA, GN LEX INT’L LAW FIRM, GS SA, Imm.Palestro Srl, Innopark, INTESA SAN PAOLO, IT Business, IWI International Wealth Insurer SA, Ixe.network SA, JP SIGRIST CONSULTANTS, La Mobiliare, LGT BANK SA, Loconte & Partners, Lombardreport, LRC Legal Risk & Compliance, M&C Partners Srl, M&M Wealth and C. Sagl, Magum Real Estate, MainStreet Partners, MANAGING GROWTH ADVISORS SA, Mediobanca, Motek sci, MP LAW FIRM, Notenstein La Roche Privatbank AG, Noverim Srl, Omicron Fund, Oneworld Mideast Ltd, PALLICH CONSULTING, Patrimony1873, PHARUS MANAGEMENT, Phosphor Asset Management SA, PM Consulenze SA, Prometeia, Publigood SA, Q3 DEVELOPMENT SAGL, Qualistar, Rapisardi Intellectual Property, Reset Group SA, RESONOR SA, RG LAW, RGP Resources Global , RiskArtis, Rivapa SA, Saarmas Family Office SA, Sanpaolo Invest Sim, SIMON FIDUCIARIA S.P.A., SIX Financial Information, SLC, SMC Wealth Management SA, Social Business Earth, SOFIA SGR, STI SA, Studio Alessandri, Studio Associato Jemoli Ardo Merati, Studio Biglia, Studio Breda (South Africa – Italy), STUDIO CURTO, Studio De Matteis, STUDIO DOTT. ZEZZA FIDUCIARIO, Studio Fontana, Studio Ghidini, Girino & Associati-Law Firm, Studio Giorgio D’Amico, Studio Jemoli Ardo Merati, Studio Legale Bozzola, Studio legale e notarile Velo, STUDIO LEGALE PASTRENGO, Studio Legale Renzella, Studio VICARI DOTT. MASSIMO, Studio Vivanti, Swiss Finance Institute USI, Swiss Life Select, T&F Capital Trustees SA, Teda Advisors, Training center of Ministry of Finance of Uzbekistan, TRESA Consulting SA, Trilux Consulting Sagl, U.V.A. GROUP SRL, UBI BANCA, UBS SA, UBS Switzerland AG , UBS WM, Victoria Asset Management SA, VIS Asset Management SA, VOGELNÄGELI Rechtsanwälte, WMO, WWS Swiss Financial Consulting SA, Xenon private equity sarl, YES MANAGEMENT SERVICES, YourCFO Consulting, Zero SA